If you are going to do any marketing on Facebook at all you have to consider using Facebook’s Fan page feature. Sure you can use your Facebook’s profile for marketing purposes but you should realize that your profile have a limit to the amount of friends you can have. However, there is no limit to how much fans you can have. This means you can go up to millions of fans and you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

Therefore, Facebook’s fan page is the way to go if you are going to try and siphon traffic out of Facebook. However, getting Fans to your Facebook page isn’t as easy as it would seem to be. Most people will have trouble getting their fan page pass the 1000 fans mark. Here are several ways to get your first 1000 Facebook Fans.

Get your friends on board.

The first thing you can do is go into your own Facebook’s profile and invite friends to your page. This method is free and is a great way to get things started. Some savvy Facebook marketers will even make new Facebook Profile Accounts just to get more friends to their list. These friends will then be invited into their fan page.

This way, you can still target the people that you want to be on your Facebook fan page you can also target based on demographics. Firstly, you might need to join other similar Facebook pages and become a fan. From there you can add the people there as friends whom you will later try to convert them into fans. Just make sure that before you start inviting people to become your friends or fans that you have all the necessary information loading into your Fanpage and profile accounts. This is to entice people to join and make friends with you. Nobody will join your page if it is empty and if it boring.

Tell everyone.

The next thing you can do is to let your existing subscribers, clients or whoever you could know about your page. Spread the news via your websites or blogs. You can even post in forums. The most important thing here is just to get people to start coming into your fan page and let the numbers go up.

Try not to be shy about it. You do not have to wait until your Fanpage have a thousand people first before inviting because it won’t happen unless you do something about it. Tweet about it and place banners on relevant sites. Buy ads places where you see fit.

Only when the world knows about it will you stand a chance for your fan page to grow. Lead them to your fan page and guide them there with care. Nobody will know your Fanpage exists unless you tell them.


Your content is very important. It is the reason why people will want to join you in the first place. Therefore, try to post as often as possible (at least once a day) and get people to interact with your post. Use attractive images as they get a lot of responses from the masses. Create polls or ask interesting questions so that people will place their opinions on the comment section.

The more frequent you post, and the more response it gets, the faster your Facebook Fan page will grow. At first, you might not want to post any links so that people will stay on your page and view all the other posts that you might have. Only post links when you are more established. There is no point to post links when your only have less than a hundred fans anyway.

Facebook Ads.

Perhaps the fastest way to build your first 1000 fans is to use Facebook paid ads. Most people will frown just from the word ‘Paid’ and shy away from it immediately. Sure there have been lot of nightmare stories on how expensive Facebook Ads can be… but that’ just coming from people who are doing it wrong. There are ways to get fans at a low cost of 0.01 cents per fan. Think about it. For 100 fans that’s only $10. Where else can you get that much traffic for 10 bucks?

Google up how to get cheap Facebook clicks if you must know the full details on how to get cheaper fans to your Facebook page but the fundamental part here is that your ads must be able to get a good click through rate. The higher your click through rate the lower your ad cost is going to be. Facebook Ads can go as cheap as $0.001 cent. That’s right! That’s not a typo or a mistype. It is a fact. That means if you are able to get such a low cost per click or cost per fan, the first 1000 fan is going to be only $1.

It certainly is the fastest and cheapest way to get fans if you are not comparing with the free methods. All you need is a good picture that attracts clicks and asks them if they like the picture or not. When they click the ‘like’ button on your ad, they will be automatically added you your fan page and viola… things will roll on from there. When you get to your first 1000 clicks (very fast and easy using Facebook Ads) you might consider going up to 5000 fans first before stopping your ad. When you have that many fans, you will only need constant interesting post and your fans will increase automatically because Facebook will work it’s magic and show your post to people who are interested in your posts.

What exactly is Facebook’s Edgerank?


Facebook is the place to be for both marketers and non-marketers these days. Even Facebook creators had no idea it would turn out to be such a huge success where they were able to overtake MySpace. Facebook had made a very wise decision when they decided to use Facebook to monetize the traffic because traffic monetization is a key to their success.

Facebook Fan page is created for users to build a page to attract people with the same interest so that these people with a mutual understanding can have common ground to hang out with. Hence when you have a Facebook fan page, you can actually use it to grow your business. Facebook has employed strict rules (much like Google Search Engine Results) to ensure that your Facebook page posts get distributed to the public. The amount of people who sees your fan page is determined by what Facebook Calls the Edgerank (not to be confused with Google’s Page rank) and Graph rank.

What is important to know is that Facebook’s Edge rank is not just bound to the fan page but also to posting of your own profile pages as well. Let us look into Edge rank and see how it affects your business.

What is Edgerank?

Most active Facebook users will have tons of Facebook friends. People in Facebook are also allowed to become the fans of a lot of Facebook Pages. Now imagine this, if all your friends and all the Facebook pages that you have followed is posting on Facebook at any given day, your Facebook profile is going to be stuffed with so much activity it might explode. Now the thing is most Facebook users won’t even have the time to View all the posts so Facebook filters only the more popular posts and show it to you.

This is done via the Edge Rank. Most people think that all their posts and announcements on Facebook will be seen by everyone. This is not the case. There have been cases where Facebook users who post wedding announcements on Facebook but was never seen by any of their actual friends.

What actually happens here is that Edge rank has filtered out your posts and was not shown to all your friends and only those who visit your wall can see your post. The thing is Facebook Edgerank will decide what is worthy to be displayed on your newsfeed. What this means is that this is not good for those business owners who are not doing the right things to get on the good side of Facebook’s edge rank.

Facebook Edgerank algorithm is defined by the three basic factors which is your Affinity, your Weight, and the Time Decay Factor. Allow us to explain this in more details.  What Facebook ultimately wants is interaction and activity. This is because with all the interaction and activity going on, people will keep coming back for more which ensures that Facebook will stay alive for a very long time.

Affinity simply refers to the relationship, interaction and the activity of any given Facebook user to the creator of the Facebook Post. This means if you and ‘Larry’ have been constantly connecting via Facebook and you have been interacting on each other’s post, your affinity level is very high and Edgerank will place priority to show your post to people who you interact with a lot.

Vice versa to the situation mentioned, if you and ‘Harry’ have known each other for long, but rarely connects via Facebook or even visit each other’s profile for a long time, then the affinity ranking here would certainly be low.

Hence if you wish your business posts from your Facebook Fan page to be seen more often, you have to get people (your fans) to connect with you on Facebook regularly. The more activity you have the higher your affinity value would be. Weight however, is how much people value your posts. Every time you post a video, image or links Edge rank is watching for activity.
If your posts gets a lot of click through or if a lot of people are commenting or watching your videos, then the weight of your post is considered to be high. Facebook will think that your post must be interest if there are so many responses to your post each time, hence, never post boring posts. This is to ensure that you get a high weight value for your posts. When that happens, Facebook will show your post to all your friends and start showing them to others as well in a viral manner. This also means that if your post gets a lot of ‘likes’ you your post will be viewed highly as well.

One has to remember that some activity is just more important to Facebook than other activities. For example, a Like to Facebook’s Edgerank weighs less than a comment. This is because it is much easier to click on the like button than writing a comment which takes up more time and effort. So if you have a post with 10 comments, it is going to beat a post with 10 likes every single time.

The last factor ‘Time Decay’ would indicate how old the post is. The older your posts are, the more likely it will be dropped out of the news feed so that it will have more chances for newer feeds to appear. However, if your post has a very healthy amount of activity even after a long time since it has been posted; Facebook will still continue to show it virally to those who have never seen your post before. This can help you get a lot of new fans to your page.

With this knowledge, you should adjust your Facebook Marketing strategies accordingly so that you can be sure that every single time you post on your Fan page, your post gets notice by as much fans as possible. That’s where you will get the most traffic and that’s how you can get the most of your constant Facebook postings.


On the internet, the two most important metrics that you want to watch out for in your business is traffic and your conversions. For traffic, you have to get targeted ones and you need a lot of them. However for conversions, it might not be as simple as that. Not only will you have to be able to convey and present your message properly in a compelling way, you will also need to have good accompanying images to enhance your message for better improved conversion rates.

Avoid Bad Stock Photos.

Using stock photos for your images are the way to go because you will not have to worry for copyright infringements. However… not every stock photos are created equally. There are a lot of free stock photos out there that just do not cut it. If you are using stock photos for your sales message then you should not try to be penny wise and pound foolish. Honestly speaking, most free stock photos out there are junk and they do not have the sense of professionalism and the angle that you want for a marketing message.

Therefore, when in doubt, go for the paid stock photos. They are not that expensive and you will be sure that the effect from these better quality stock photos to get the job done. Your goal in images is to catch the attention of your users, get them to see the main benefits of your product by providing the right visual image and get them to trust you. I am sure that after reading this, you will realize just how important your graphics are to your conversion rates.

What’s In It For Them?

That’s the bottom line. There’s nothing you can do or say in your sales message than showing your customers the benefits of investing in your product. How your product will make their live easier will always determine how well your product will sell. Hence, before you even think about conversions and your sales message, ask yourself this one question, is your product going to be able to give your potential customers what they want?

Hence when it comes to choosing the images for your graphics, you must always choose one that shows your potential clients the benefits of using your product. Is it going to be a happy ending? Are there smiles and happiness while using your products together with their friends and family? These are the elements that you should look for in your images and truth be told, if you can’t find what you want, you might need to take a photograph of your own or hire a professional photographer to create the effect that you want.

Testimonials and images

Testimonials are a strong motivator when it comes to boosting conversions; hence it is always a wise thing to do by placing captions and proper testimonials to boost your conversion rates. One recent report shows the test results of using captions on images and it is said that captions gets read 4 times more than plain text. What this means is that when you place testimonials on your captions, your testimonials gets read. This is a wonderful discovery for all marketers alike and thus taking advantage of captions in your images is a must if you wish to maximize your conversions via the use of graphics.

The Human Touch

Another great method to help improve your conversion rate is to include the human touch feeling to your images. That means you can edit your pictures to make it look like it has been edited by a real human being. This means your images does not have to look perfect and it should look like there is a real human behind the images showed.

An easy way to put the human touch on images are arrows and highlights of important messages on your images by using the basic paint software and draw an arrow or circle on your images. These simple yet effective ways to show and present your sales message will without a doubt improve your conversion rate.

Mascots Helps.

A mascot is fun. And a Mascot will help people get curious with what you have in store for them. A happy mascot can easily become your logo and brand so use a mascot to improve the overall attention that you get on your sales letter. When you have a mascot, you can be sure people can relate to your products easily. The best part, people will be able to remember your product for a much longer time compared to products that do not use a mascot.

Therefore, consider using a mascot to present your product the next time you design your web page or sales letter.

Tap into emotions.

Emotions are a very powerful tool that a marketer can use. Humans are emotional beings. If you can tap into the emotions of your potential customers, then you are in for a treat. Copywriters swear by it so including emotional triggers in your images can instantly show your customers what you need to tell them in just one glance instead of having them read a thousand words. A strong emotional image can easily help your customers decide to pay you money to solve their problems. Some of the more powerful emotional includes fear, worries, and happiness.

Of course negative emotions are many times more powerful than positive one because people are desperate to be rid of their bad emotions and move on to the happy ones. Nevertheless, there’s nothing stopping you from using both types of emotions in your images so choose your images wisely and enjoy a better amount of over sales.

The Future of Internet marketing


Internet Marketing is a billion-dollar industry. It has skyrocketed from just the plain old internet where there is only IRC and some weird colored website into a whole new industry where a lot of people make a living online. The appeal to internet marketing is so great that a lot of people quit their day job to seek for a better opportunity online. It is so appealing in fact, that a lot of people who are desperate for cash have also been trying their hands on internet marketing hoping to earn some quick cash.

In fact, Internet marketing has been going on for so long that it has actually survived a few recessions and there have been no signs of slowing down. If there was anything at all, recessions actually boosted the internet marketing growth because people are seeking refuge on the internet and looking for alternative ways to make money during the recession. With the industry booming at such a rapid pace, the question then lies in what is in store for us in the future on online marketing.

Below are some of the predictions made by expert internet marketers

Blogs Will Still Be The Most Powerful Branding Tool.

Blogs when used right can be the perfect branding tool to your online business. This is the case right now and more and more large companies are jumping into the Blogging world to further enhance their branding. It is no longer just the go to tool for Small companies anymore but instead you will see big brands with their own blogs today.

Hence in the future Blogging would become the core to branding online and there is no sign of this trend stopping any time soon. If you do not have a blog yet and you plan to create a strong brand surrounding you and your business, make sure to get that blog up early!

How well your customers do matters.

What this means is that today you could be selling an information product in the fitness niche. Hence it is important for you to be as fit as you can and you need to show people that you are successful in order for people to believe in you.

However, in the future your success might not be such an important factor anymore. Instead, it will matter only if your customers make it into the ‘fit’ zone or not. If you are able to constantly produce results in your customers, that’s where you will be sure that your business will survive in preparation for the cut throat competition that you will face in the future

The End Of Expensive Ebooks.

The end is near even now for Expensive ebooks that sells for $97. Nobody is going to pay that much for a mere ebook anymore. In fact, the norm these days seems to stick at $7, $37 or at most $47 ebooks. Charging any more than this can easily mean your demise and failure in your eBook campaigns. However, in some niches where the competition is low, a higher priced ebook can still be sold but not in a niche that has a lot of demand and competition.

Say good bye to expensive ebooks. Instead in the future you might be required to sell a real product that is well built such as a video course and even then these products won’t be able to sell at high price unless you are giving a tremendous value and unless you have the strongest branding and marketing strategies. Ebooks will become the marketing tool to help you get more traffic and trust to your products so learn to adapt from this day forwards.

Live training and events will be the focus.

Because people are tired of losing money and failing from mere ebook instructions, more and more people will start looking into a ‘real’ training course and mentorship to ensure success. Nobody wants to be that common failure so even if it might cost a lot more money. Hence, in the future, people will be more than willing to spend for seminar events or personal training so that they can actually make real money instead of paying for ‘fake’ dreams that will never happen.

If you have not started to build your business into one that gives live training, then you should slowly adapt to this strategy now. Start while you are ahead and show the world results that cannot be matched. The branding and money that you get out of this will be worth your while.

All in all, internet marketing is looking good right now and the future has a lot more in store for us. The amount of people making purchases online will increase to unbelievable heights. In fact, the internet might even replace televisions and the people that does online for long hours will increase.

The internet is going to be where the big money is but the problem lies in weather or not you will be able to get enough trust to get people to pay you for your goods. Changes will be made and people will have to adapt in order to survive. And more importantly of all, your current skill sets will not be sufficient so stay sharp and learn new tricks for your business. Sacrifices have to be made and you will surely be able to be a ‘someone’ in the future of online businesses.


When it’s all new and shiny that’s when people are the most curious. Google+ is that shiny new toy that is creating a buzz that you as an online an entrepreneur can take advantage of. What this all means is that you can use Google+ as a new source of traffic to monetize for more cash. Smart marketers know an opportunity when they see one and Google+ is that opportunity right now. The ever growing site is showing tremendous potential and this means you should understand that cashing in on trends early is one of the best way to make money online.

Making money on Google+ is very similar to making money on Facebook and Twitter but at the same time there is also going to be a difference. While Google+ is considered as another Social network site, the way you approach it may differ because of the innovations that Google+ is making. Read on to find out more on how you can use Google+ for the benefits of your online business.

Sign up to Google+

It used to be a headache to get in Google+ because initially when Google+ was just launched, you have to get an invite to get in. Google wanted it to be an exclusive club so they were controlling the people who got in. However, Google has finally decided to open it up to the public. All you need to do is go to their rain website and sign up.

Choosing a Name.

A great way to choose a name is to choose a first and last name that is closely related to your niche. For example, if you are in the Forex niche, you can choose a catchy name that people would be interested in such as Forex Tips or Forex Expert to help you get the attention that you want. If you wish to use your own name (branding yourself), that is fine as well.


A Picture tells a thousand words. And in the digital world, a picture is all you have to help you connect and give your users a good first impression. Hence choose a relevant picture that can impact viewers emotionally. Be sure not to place a picture of an affiliate product or a product cover because this might turn people off thinking that you are trying to sell them something. As with most social marketing strategies, you should not be trying to hard sell to your audience up front. Instead, you should be trying to get connected you your target market and get them to trust you first before trying to monetize the traffic.

Your pictures should look professional and you should always try to put a picture with captions on it because captions get read 4 times more than other normal texts. Hence it is time to bring out that picture editor, polish it and start editing your images for a better attention grabbing image.

Search for Google+ profiles related to your niche.

This is where you start getting followers. In many ways, getting followers on social networks is like building a list. Although followers are not as valuable as a list, you can turn your followers into your subscribers. From there monetizing your list should be easy.

In Google+ you have to follow and wait to be followed. It is a lot like twitter so be sure to follow people who might have a keen interest in what you have to offer. This is where you start your targeting so make sure to do your homework and understand who your target market is. Expert claims that the typical rate of people following you back is around 20% give and take so if you want 100 followers you should expect to follow around 500 people before you can see results. That might seem like a lot at first but do not worry because it will get easier from here because the more people you have been following you, your post will start to help you get the attention from your follower’s follower and things could go viral.

Status Updates.

When your followers are coming in steadily, you can now consider placing a link on your status update. Let it be a free gift to those who follows you and that’s when you will start building your list. It is always a good idea to load your autoresponders with a set of newsletters to help communicate and build a relationship with your list. Statistics have it that a typical visitor will only purchase after getting exposed to what you have to offer for 7 times.

Therefore, if you already have a brand awareness going on than your autoresponder messages will help you get more people to buy from you with ease. Always tweak your autoresponder messages accordingly and pay your attention to the questions that might arise. From the questions that you get you might want to create an F.A.Q list and place it somewhere near the end of your set of your newsletter.

Rinse and Repeat.

First, you need to only focus on one niche. Get the followers going and let it grow. At the first sign of the campaign going on auto pilot with just constant posting, you can move on to another niche. The key here is automation. If you are too busy to get followers or to post constant information regarding your niche, consider outsourcing the work. The great thing about outsourcing these days online is that it is very readily available and it cost very little. Be sure to choose the right people to get the job done because this might be the determining factor to your Google+ success.

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